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Population’s real-world results.

Human-safe disinfection that never takes a break.

Population works closely with the scientific community and is driving important Far UV-C research, both in controlled environments and everyday spaces

Population conducts rigorous laboratory testing, providing validation above and beyond suppliers’ data sheets

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Population’s patent-pending computational analysis tools means we will always be powered by science

Population has been tested in the field on live Level 1 pathogen; results published in peer-reviewed journal

Our peer-reviewed paper


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Our Far UV-C core.

AI-driven disinfection that never takes a break.

Our intelligent Far UV-C or 222 nm uses a human-safe ultraviolet wavelength that effectively destroys a broad range of viruses and bacteria without damaging the skin and eyes unlike traditional UVC products.

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Research shows Far UV-C can have the same or better pathogen-reducing properties as other kinds of germicidal light, only its ability to be used in occupied rooms means it can start working immediately to reduce the transmission of disease-causing germs.

This emerging technology brings continuous active disinfection in a human-safe capacity without requiring manual labor.  

Population is one of the first companies to commercialize Far UV-C, and the first to bring it to restaurants and other high-risk food environments.


*within established limits


*within established limits

Population's smart, filtered Far UV-C (222 nm) used within established limits does not cause harm to the skin or eyes, unlike traditional germicidal UV, and can provide a safe way to reduce viruses and bacteria in occupied spaces.

Find out how Population kills pathogens while keeping human-safe.

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