Our workplaces are sick.
So are their inhabitants.

Infectious disease and poor air quality claim millions of lives each year, and it's only getting worse.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We have the tools and data to fix it, and to create healthier environments.

Our mission

is to build the best technology possible to solve one of humanity’s biggest challenges: protecting human health from preventable sickness.

Current solutions are to throw more manual cleaning, more chemicals, or more ventilation at the problem, all of which may make incremental improvements, but are tremendous resource drains in terms of time, money, and environmental impact.

Our vision

is to enable population health through clean, green, connected technology.


At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most acute global health crises our generation has ever faced, we were shocked to realize how few tools existed in our physical environments to combat dangerous pathogens and effectively manage risk.

This seemed to be an especially tough problem for businesses that had to operate at scale. Essential businesses housed in shared commercial buildings carried the greatest burden, and in many cases were forced to shut down altogether. High-risk, high-accountability environments like kitchens and medical facilities were especially important in creating long-term impact on human health.

And yet this problem was very personal. Our CEO spent 7 years of her life acutely sick with undiagnosed Celiac disease, which meant not only was she intimately familiar with pain and suffering from health complications, but that she understood firsthand how critical access to safe food and environments is to individual health.

And while healthy now, her experience being sick forever altered the course of her life. Having worked on incredible technology throughout our careers, we knew we could absolutely do better as a society at keeping people and our environments much safer. In fact, technology wasn't the barrier, commercialization was. Killing viruses and bacteria wasn't the problem, it was doing it in a human-safe and eco-friendly way — without requiring error-prone human intervention — and providing data alongside to help businesses prepare & manage risk.

So we set out to create Population as a health & safety operating system that would help businesses proactively manage dangerous pathogens and get ahead of the next outbreak.  

We partner closely with the scientific community and industry experts to improve outcomes in food safety and environmental health for teams and customers of leading foodservice and food manufacturing brands.

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